Devon Gonzales

"Weldability of Additive Manufactured Parts"

 Degree Pursued:
Doctor of Philosophy in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Estimated Graduation Date:
May 2018

Devon is from Pueblo, CO, where he studied Welding and Machining Technology at Pueblo Community College. Devon earned his B.S. and M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. His M.S. dissertation focused on developing metal matrix composite feedstock for electron beam additive manufacturing. He worked as a technician for Hazen Research Inc. where he constructed and ran pilot plants for materials processing. Devon gained an internship with Weber Metals where he designed heat treatment cycles and mechanically tested aluminum and titanium aircraft forgings. In addition, he has over nine years of welding and machining experience and is well versed in both arc and high energy density welding processes. He is the Mines' AWS Student Chapter Chairman, and a member of SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers), ASM, TMS and AIST. Devon's research interests include, non-ferrous alloys, additive manufacturing, advanced manufacturing techniques, high energy density welding, forging, and forming.

Contact Information:

Office: Hill Hall 280
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