Cheryl Hawk

"Wide Gap Braze Repairs of Nickel Superalloy Gas Turbine Components"

Cracks can propagate through gas turbine components during service. These components are made of a nickel superalloy and therefore replacement of these components would be too expensive. Brazing is a desirable method of repair because the microstructure surrounding the crack would sustain less damage than a welding repair. This project looks at how composition and processing parameters affects the braze alloy microstructure and subsequently the mechanical properties.

Degree Pursued:
MDoctor of Philosophy in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Estimated Graduation Date:
December 2015

Cheryl Hawk is from Fort Collins where she studied welding  at Front Range Community College. She attained her B.S. in metallurgical and materials engineering at Colorado School of Mines. She is pursuing her M.S. degree in metallurgical engineering, specializing in wide gap brazing of nickel superalloys. Her previous work experience includes an internship at Bekaert in Rogers, AR where she improved the tensile strength of welded wires by optimizing the Strecker welding parameters. She interned at Wolf Robotics in Fort Collins, CO where she built and assembled work cells for ABB robots and performed an evaluation on the company's metallographic capabilities. Cheryl has six years of experience working with SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW. She has two years of experience maintaining a vacuum furnace system.

Contact Information:
Office: Hill Hall 208
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  • C.Hawk et al., "Wide Gap Braze Repairs for Gas Turbine Components," in International Brazing and Soldering Conf. Long Beach, CA, 2015.