Drew White

"Low Oxygen Weld Metal in Hot Wire GTA Welded HSLA Steel"

Understand and modify the current weld filler metal through alloying additions and shielding gas compositions as necessary to establish an effective range of acicular ferrite formation with a modified hot-wire gas tungsten arc welding process.

Degree Pursued:
Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering

Estimated Graduation Date:
May 2017

Drew is from Longmont Colorado, I completed my undergraduate degree in MME at the Colorado School of Mines in 2012. Following that he worked in Texas and got where he was first introduced to ASME Code Welding and fabrication, specifically with pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Drew was able to try many different roles, including quality control, project management and production supervision before deciding to return to Colorado to focus on his Master's degree, towards welding and joining.

Contact Information:

Email: drwhite@mines.edu  / e.white.drew@gmail.com
Office: Hill Hall 208
LinkedIn URL: