Welding and joining Capabilities

ITW Miller Systems                                                          
    Dynasty 350 GTAW/SMAW                                                        
    XMT 304 DC GTAW/SMAW                                                       
    Axcess 450 GMAW/FCAW- Modified for SAW                       
    Maxtron 450 GMAW - Hybrid Laser Arc                                   
    Nirvana 450 DC Multi-process system
    Dynasty 280 DX GTAW/SMAW
Lincoln Electric Systems
Powerwave 500 Multi-process
    Powerwave 1000 SAW
    Idealarc 1000 SAW
    Arc Tracker

1.1 kW Yb-Fiber Optic IPG Laser Welding System
Hybrid laser-arc welding
    Laser-wire Additive Manufacturing
    Laser Nitriding
    Induction assisted laser welding
TIP TIG hot wire-fed GTAW
Underwater Welding Hyperbaric Chamber System
Gas Tungsten Arc Freeform Fabrication Chamber
Resistance Spot Welding
Induction Heating/Melting
Electromagnetic Droplet Levitation

Solid State Bonding Chambers
    Furnace or Torch
Weldability Testing
Experimental Welding Consumable Production Capability
    Stick Electrode Extruder
    Monolithic/ Tubular Wire Manufacturing
    Flux Design and Development

Metallographic and Optical Microscopy Capabilities

Full Metallographic Preparation Lab
    Manual and Autimatic Grinding and Polishing Wheels
    Vibratory polishers
Low speed saws

    Gatan Model 600 Duomill
    Dimpler, VCR D500i
    Wet chemical etchant lab
Optical Microscopic and Photographic Equipment
    Olympus Digital Optical Microscopes
    Digital Stereoscopes

    Photographic Fractography

Electron microscopy and Advanced Characterization Capabilities

Electron Microscopy
    FEI Talos Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM)
    FEI Quanta 600i Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
       with PGT Prism Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer (EDS)

    JEOL JSM-7000F Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
        with EDAX Genesis EDS, TSL EBSD and Nabity NPGS e-beam lithography
        (Acquisition of this system was supported by NSF Award# 0520386)

    Philips CM12 Transmission Electron Microscope with EDAX EDS
    Philips CM200 Transmission Electron Microscope with PGT Prism EDS
    Atomic Force Microscopy
Advanced Material Characterization
    Optima 3000 ICP Spectrometer
    CRAY 5 UV-Nir Spectrometer
    Leco Interstitial Analyzers
    Complete Hydrogen (diffusible and total) Analyzer
    Mossbauer Spectrometers
    UV Spectrometers
    X-ray Diffraction
    DSC/DTA/GTA Laboratory
    X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
    Auger Electron Analysis

Corrosion, Coatings and surface analysis Capabilities

EG&G PARC 273 Potentiodynamic Analytical System
Salt Spray Corrosion Testing
High Temperature Corrosion Testing
PH and Selective Electrode Sensors
Schlumberger 1255 High Frequency Response Analyzer
3852 HP Data Acquisition System
Cyclic Voltammetry Measurement
Electrochemical Impedance Analyzer
Surface Area Analyzer
VAC TEC, VCC 7740 Vertical Cathode PVD Unit
VAC TEC, MLIV Horizontal Cathode PVD Unit
Varian Ion Implantation
Hyper Ion PVD Unit
Electron Beam & Thermal Evaporation Units
Perkin Elmer RF Sputtering System 2400-8SA
Closed Field Unbalanced Magnetron System
Watkins Johnson Atmospheric Pressure CVD Unit
Plasma Enhanced CVD Unit
Laser Surface Modification Facilities
Sputter coater, Technics Hummer VI

Mechanical and Physical Properties Testing

Gleeble Thermomechanical Simulator and Tester
MTS Computer-Controlled, Servo-Hydraulic Uniaxial Testing Units
Instron Screwdriver Uniaxial Testing Units(1/w high temperature-control arm)

4 and 3- Point Bend Fixture (ambient and high temperature)
Macro/Micro Indentation Hardness Testers
MTS Nano Indenter XPSheet Metal Testing Fixtures

Fracture Toughness Fixtures
Instrumented Impact Tester
Fatigue Testing: Revised Bending and Torsional Fatigue Testing Machines
Netzsch Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer
Netzsch High Temperature Dilatometer
Netzsch Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Netzsch Thermal Conductivity Tester
Seiko TG/D and Cahn TGA Both Interfaced to a Fisons Mass Spectrometer
Bio-Rad Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer


Material Processing

Hot and Cold Rolling Mills
Thermal Technologies Hot Press (ZST Capacity,Vacuum, 3300° C)
Extrusion Equipment
Full-sized Foundry (Gas and Induction Furnaces)
Miniature Induction Melter
Arc Melter
Vacuum Furnace
Atmoshperic Furnaces
Salt Pot Heat Treatment Furnaces

Modeling and Technical Software

SYSWELD FEA Weld Modeling
Matlab and Equivalent
Autodesk Complete CAD/CAM Suite
TSL Oreintation Image Mapping EDAX Sofware
GEMS Crystal Structure Simulation
Various Image Analysis Software Packages
Monte Carlo FEA Software