Current Research

Physical Metallurgy in Welding Research Programs

  • Effect of Post-weld Heat Treatment on External Attachment Welds
  • Laser Weld Parameter Optimization of Nickel-based Alloys
  • Laser Weld Parameter Optimization of Automotive Grade Sheet Steel Alloys

ConSUMaBLE Development Research PROGRAMS

  • Development of Low Transformation Temperature Welding Consumables for GMAW
  • Development of Low Transformation Temperature Welding Consumables for SAW

Additive Manufacturing Research PROGRAMS

  • Development of Metal Matrix Composite Powder Cored Wires for Additive Manufacturing
  • Laser Freeform Fabrication of Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys
  • Weldability of AM Components
  • Weld Repair of AM Components

Brazing and Soldering Research PROGRAMS

  • High Temperature Braze Repair of Nickel Superalloy Gas Turbines
  • Active Metal to Ceramic Brazing
  • Laser Assisted Brazing
  • Intermetallic Growth of Soldered Printed Circuit Boards

Non-Destructive Evaluation Research Programs

  • SCC Crack Detection of Nuclear Waste Containment Vessels in a Marine environment
  • Ultrasonic Modelling of Stainless Steel Stress corrosion Crack Tip

Corrosion Research Programs

  • SCC Testing of Austenitc Stainless Steels for Nuclear Fuel Casks

Past Research

Welding Research Programs

  • Effect of Nickel on Toughening Mechanisms of HSLA Submerged Arc Welds
  • Hot Cracking Suceptilbity of High Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steels
  • Characterization of Nitrogen and Mechanical properties of Heterogeneous Microstructure Laser Welds
  • Investigation of Hydrogen Ingress during processing of consumables and Reduction of Hydrogen in Welding consumables
  • Low Transformation Temperature Welding Consumables--Corrosion
  • Low Transformation Temperature Welding Consumables--Modelling
  • Implant Testing of Line Pipe Steel Weldments

Brazing and soldering Research PROGRAMS

  • Spreadability testing of Nickel-based Superalloy Braze Powders

Additive manufacturing Research Programs

  • Alloy Replenishment in Freeform Fabricated Ti-6-4 and Al 6061 Structures
  • Grain Refinement of Ti-6-4 Freeform Fabricated Structures

Non-Destructive Evaluation Research

  • Ultrasonic Testing of Nuclear Grade materials