Alexander Hansen


Alex Hansen moved to Colorado in 2004 with his family, attending high school at Evergreen. He graduated with a B.S. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 2012; working as an undergrad research assistant for the Steel Center and an intern for Nucor Steel in South Carolina.

After graduation he went to Orrville, Ohio to work for Bekaert Steel as a metallurgist for process and product of heat treated and coated specialty shape steel wire. There he worked with many processes including lead patenting, oil/water quench and tempering, induction tempering, galvanizing, wire drawing, and batch annealing. On top of process duties, he evaluated out going product quality and handle customer failure analyses.

In 2014 Alex returned to Colorado to work in the metallurgy lab at Johns Manville. There he worked on alloy development of a novel cobalt superalloy, along with weld design for platinum alloy parts. During his time at JM he gained extensive knowledge of operating SEM/EDS equipment and research practices.

Three years later, Alex moved to West Virginia, taking a job with Special Metals Corporation working as an Air Induction Melting (AIM) and Electroslag Remelting (ESR) metallurgist. He helped improve melting profiles and process control parameters for nickel alloys and nickel superalloys; working with material in all nickel classifications from 200 up to 900. While at SMC, Alex worked on Six Sigma Green Belt projects and developing remelt profiles for alloys under research and development.

Alex has returned to CSM to pursue a M.S. in MME, working on alloy development for titanium wire in additive manufacturing. He is happy to be back near his family in the Rocky Mountains with his wife and two dogs.