Timothy Pickle


Timothy Pickle is a PhD candidate, specializing in weldability of austenitic stainless steel and Ni-based superalloys. His research is focused on mitigating cracking of dissimilar and additively manufactured welds during weld-related manufacturing steps, including welding and PWHT, and high temperature service conditions. He is expected to graduate in May 2024. He earned a B.S. in Materials Joining and Welding Engineering at LeTourneau University in 2018 with a  research focus on multi-pass welding effects on super duplex stainless steel microstructure. He graduated in 2021 with a M.S. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering with a thesis on “Effect of PWHT and Filler Metal on Stress Relaxation Cracking Susceptibility in 347H Stainless steel Welds for Elevated Temperature Service.”


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