Ben Schneiderman


Ben Schneiderman received his PhD in December 2022 with a thesis titled “Constituent phases and their stability in a multi-principal element alloy (MPEA) filler for brazing of nickel-base superalloys”. During his PhD, he coauthored several papers on MPEA filler material development. His paper titled “Ductile braze repairs for Ni-based superalloys using novel MPEA filler metal” won the 2022 AWS James F. Lincoln Gold Medal Award for the paper published in Welding Journal recognized as making an outstanding original contribution to the advancement and use of welding and joining processes. He currently works in the CWJCR as a post-doctoral researcher, continuing his study of braze filler development for cast nickel alloys, and supporting projects studying filler development for wrought nickel alloys, ceramic-to-metal joining, and dissimilar metal joining. He is also a co-founder of HYSA Fillers, a Mines-affiliated startup company exploring the commercialization potential of novel filler metals for niche applications.


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*Winner of the AWS James F. Lincoln Gold Medal Award.