Associate Professor
Director – Center for Welding, Joining & Coatings Research (CWJCR),
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Office: Hill Hall Rm.370
Colorado School of Mines
920 15th Street,
Golden, CO 80401
Office Phone: (303) 273-3798 Fax: (303) 273-3795
Email: zyu@mines.edu
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  • Ph.D. – Materials Science and Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
  • M.S. – Metallurgy and Materials Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
  • B.S. – Mechanical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), Shanghai, China


  • Joining of similar and dissimilar materials and simulation of materials behavior;
  • Determining processing-composition-microstructure-property relations in welds;
  • In-situ characterization of material transient states during welding, e.g., non-equilibrium phase transformation and stress evolution;
  • Welding consumables design



  • American Institute for Metallurgical Engineering – The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (AIME – TMS)
  • American Welding Society (AWS)
  • ASM international


  • MTGN 580A – Advanced Welding Metallurgy
  • MTGN 557 – Solidification
  • MTGN 442 – Engineering Alloys
  • MTGN 475/475L – Welding Metallurgy


  • Multi-Principal Element Alloy Interlayer for Manufacturing of Multi-Material Structures
  • Control of Liquid Metal Embrittlement in Galvannealed Advanced High Strength Steel Weldments by Resistance Spot Welding
  • AI-Enabled Robots for Automated Nondestructive Evaluation and Solid-State Repair of Power Plant Boilers
  • Innovative Approach to Stress Corrosion Cracking Evaluation of Canister in Dry Storage of Spent Fuel
  • Thermal-Sprayed Cladding Optimization for Steel Drill Pipes
  • Development of Technologies for Titanium to Steel Joining
  • Mitigation of Stress Relaxation Cracking in 347 Stainless Steel Weldments



  • McKay-Helm Award for the paper “Austenitic Stainless-Steel Cladding Interface Microstructures Evaluated for Petrochemical Applications” printed in Feb. 2019 in Welding Journal.
  • NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award, 2019, “CAREER: Understanding of Diffusion and Deformation Mechanisms in Multi-Principal Element Alloy Interlayer for Manufacturing of Multi-Material Structures”
  • Honorable Mention Poster award in Graduate Student Category. N. Switzner, Yu, M. Eff, A. Fonseca, S. Liu. “Friction and Fusion Dissimilar Welding of Stainless Steel to 1018 Steel”. Fabtech, Nov.9-12, 2015, Chicago, IL
  • First-prize winner in poster contest of Professionals Category. R. Fu, D. Du, Y. Li, Yu. “Correlation between Microstructure and Properties of Friction Stir Welded Joints of High Nitrogen Austenitic Steels”. Fabtech, Nov.9-12, 2015, Chicago, IL
  • Excellent Paper Award of Symposium in 12th IUMRS International Conference on Advanced Materials, K. Littrell, Yu, Z. Feng, U. Kinga, W. Wang, W. Xunli, “Strain-Induced Precipitates Dissolution in Al Alloys”, Qingdao, China (September, 2013)
  • Winner of 2013 TMS Technical Division Young Professional Poster Contest in Structural Materials Division. Yu, R. Barabash, O. Barabash, W. Liu, Z. Feng, “In-situ Probing of Microscopic Deformation Kinetics in Advanced High-Strength Steels”, San Antonio, TX (March, 2013)
  • First prize winner of ASM Student Research Poster Competition organized by Oak Ridge Chapter of ASM International and Smoky Mountain Section of the Society of Plastic Engineers (Nov., 2009)
  • First prize winner of Annual Sigma-Xi Student Research Competition at the University of Tennessee (April, 2009)



Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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