Undergraduate Program

The CWJCR functions within the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MME) Department. The primary focus of the metallurgical and materials engineering program is to provide undergraduates with a fundamental knowledge-base associated with materials, processing, their properties and their selection and application. Upon graduation, students would have acquired and developed the necessary background and skills for successful careers in the materials-related industries. Furthermore, after completing the program, the student should be well prepared for management positions in industry or continued education toward a graduate degree. 

Getting involved with CWJCR as an undergraduate

The CWJCR encourages students who are interested in welding, joining and related processes to join the program!

Undergraduate research assistants in the CWJCR are matched with a graduate student to work closely on different parts of their dissertation research. Depending on the research, the undergraduate student can be trained in a variety of metallurgical examination techniques, including:   

  • Metallography
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Microscopy
  • Analytics
  • Modeling

The student will also be trained in all basic practical welding techniques and will gain proficiency on equipment used for the research with which they are assisting. If the student demonstrates exceptional abilities, they are often given a short-term research project, some of which lead to technical publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Undergraduates in the CWJCR are encouraged to join and participate in professional societies. If a student would like to join the AWS student chapter, the center will pay for half of the membership dues upon signing up. The membership also includes a subscription to the Welding Journal. This membership allows students to participate in local AWS activities, interact with welding professionals and present at technical conferences. In addition, the center regularly hosts industrial visitors, workshops, trainings and seminars to promote technology transfer. The CWJCR also partners with high schools to host STEM Outreach visits to promote engineering, metallurgy and welding to young students.

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