Dr. Stephen Liu News

Our CWJCR Director Emeritus, Dr. Stephen Liu, was presented the AWS R.D. Thomas Memorial Award! The award honors the late R.D. Thomas, an AWS charter member and the AWS Representative to the first organization meeting of the International Institute of Welding (IIW). This award is presented to a member of the American Council of IIW or to an AWS member who has made substantial contributions to the activities of the IIW.

A little bit of history from Dr. Liu:
Dave Thomas, Jr. was the Director of Arcos Industries and an AWS President. He was a true supporter of the Center for Welding Research and I was privileged to have personally known Dave Thomas and his wife, Virginia, and visited Dave in his Philadelphia home. He was one of my nominators when I ran for AWS Director in large position. Drs. David Olson and Glen Edwards still remember him fondly.

Congratulations, Dr. Liu!