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The CWJCR Director Emeritus, Dr. Stephen Liu, was featured for two awards on the 2022 AWS National Awards Booklet and one was awarded in collaboration with his recently graduated student, Dr. Ethan Sullivan! They both received the Warren F. Savage Memorial Award for their Welding Journal publication, “Silicate Island Formation in Gas Metal Arc Welding” (Jan. 2021). Recipients of the Savage award are recognized by AWS as publishing innovative research that results in a better understanding of the metallurgical principles related to welding. It is endowed by former associates of Professor Warren F. Savage to honor his dedication and accomplishments in the field of welding metallurgy.

Additionally, Dr. Liu was featured for receiving the R.D. Thomas Memorial Award. From the award booklet, This award was originally sponsored by the Arcos Co. and its president, R. D. Thomas, Jr. It honors the late R. D. Thomas, an AWS charter member and the AWS Representative to the first organization meeting of the International Institute of Welding (IIW). This award is presented to a member of the American Council of IIW or to an AWS member who has made a substantial contribution to the activities of the IIW. 

Congratulations, Dr. Liu and Dr. Sullivan!