Dominic Piccone


Dominic is Junior (Class of 2025) Metallurgical and Materials Engineering undergraduate research assistant, working under Dr. Jonah Klemm-Toole. His focus is on advancing wire arc direct energy deposition (WA-DED) processes for high-temperature power generation. His projects include evaluating the effects WA-DED of Haynes 230 Nickel Superalloy has on microstructure and creep performance, as well as exploring welding parameter effects on defects and tensile strengths of WA-DED 316L/316LSi. He is also collaborating with Sophia Hill assisting in the development of a WA-DED model for Haynes 282 Nickel superalloy. Dominic has a keen interest in solidification and microstructural development within the weld puddle and having the opportunity to study these phenomena at the CWJCR is an experience he is very grateful for.